Area Map – Fishing


1. BARRY’S POINT. Fishing for pollack, mackerel and dogfish.
1a. COOLIM CLIFFS. Fishing for dabs, ray and dogfish.
2. QUARRY POINT. Fishing for pollack, mackerel, dogfish and bass.
2a. BLIND STRAND. Fishing for dabs, ray and plaice.
3. BROADSTRAND BAY. Fishing for bass, flounder and ray.
4. LAND POINT. Fishing for pollack and mackerel, bottom fishing for dogfish, ray, dabs. Tracking for bass.
4a. COOLMAIN STRAND. Good area for trooling for bass.
5. COURTMACSHERRY STRAND. Fshing for bass, flounder and sea-trout.
6. COURTMACSHERRY PIER. Fishing for conger, flounder and bass.
7. SCHOOL HOUSE. Fishing into channel for bass and flounder, late ebb to early flood best.    Specimen bass and flounder recorded here.
8. TIMOLEAGUE. Bottom fishing and driftlining for bass in pool below Argideen River Bridge and in channel. Two hours either side of flood best. Floatfishing for mullet from quay wall and bottom fishing for flounder. Specimen bass and flounder recorded here.
9. BURREN PIER. Bottom fishing for bass and flounder. First three hours of flood best. Specimen flounder recorded here.
10. HARBOUR VIEW. Spinning and bottom fishing over sand for bass and occasional seatrout. Bottom fishing for trout.
11. GARRETSTOWN STRAND. Fishing for bass, flatfish and ray.

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