The last week the weather didn’t disappoint and neither did the fishing.Fishing on the reefs,produced some great sport with Pollack,conger,Ling being the predominant species.A pollack caught by Mark Gannon on a shad weighed in at 12.5lbs an Irish Specimen.The congers were all good fish the heaviest up to 30 lbs.Sharking is still fishing well with Blues to 2.20m for Vincent de Kooter and his father landing one of 2.07m.Olan o Donovan only 9 years old landed a blue of 2.0m( with a little help from the rod rest)he reckoned that it was a way better than the wicked tuna programme on discovery channel.On the self drives,the bass fishing seems to be a bit of hit and miss with a group from Kinsale catching 13 in one session the heaviest was a fish of 7.5lbs,all returned.There are a lot of fish around and the last time I was out they were following the lures but only had 1take,it’s all about timing,evening seems to be best.

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